• Students will be expected to demonstrate a passion for singing and a desire to improve their craft. Although there is no minimum skill standard, there is a minimum standard for dedication and hard work;
  • Students are expected to purchase their own music. Although photocopies are often used for study purposes they are not a substitute for purchasing music that is currently available;
  • Students will routinely be asked to sing solos in front of their peers and other musical professionals;
  • Students will be expected to be on-time and prepared, bringing all materials to each lesson;
  • Materials will be kept in neat and usable condition. This means loose copies in protective sleeves in a three-ring binder;
  • Music books should be marked carefully and neatly and be kept in good working condition;
  • Students should bring the following items to each lesson:
    • Water bottle
    • Pencil
    • Music notebook (as described above)
    • Teaching props (straws, cork)
    • Recording device
  • Students must establish and review their online Evernote notebook;
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