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Piero Bonamico is a musician and multimedia artist in Arlington, Virginia

My story [abridged version]

I started working for Alpine Racing R&D, Inc. in the spring of 1997. Its founder was part of a group of engineers and coaches who were transforming the equipment for and training of skiers around the world. I was twenty-three, just out of college, and trying to make it as a musician in Vermont. He and his wife sang in my choir and knew I needed work over the summer, and I jumped at the opportunity to work on this project. This was the first step of my journey into the world of digital media. 

Over the course of my twenty-year journey in digital media, I traveled the world with cameras, spent thousands of hours in darkened editing suites, and designed and edited materials for national publications. We were pioneers on the digital frontier experimenting with now common tools when they were in their infancy. 

My journey in media started on the ski slopes but eventually arrived in the studio, classroom and concert hall. I have watched the internet, and digital technology evolve from a novelty to an integral component of our everyday life and an increasingly important part of our professional engagements. You need to cultivate your digital persona online if you want it to bring in business and support your career. Some tools save you time, effort and frustration, some do the opposite and the process of sorting through this can be exhausting. I know, I've been there. Maybe you're here because you want a vocal coach or music director or maybe you want help wrangling your digital life. I can help.